best mobile tower defense games

5 of the Best Mobile Tower Defense Games

There are so many mobile games that can keep one off the streets these days, but there is something about tower defense games that keep you coming back. As I often say, there is always time (and storage space) for another tower defense game. Back in the day, I had my favorite games on this […]


6 Video Game Bosses Who Haunt Our Nightmares

Video game bosses can be some of the most memorable parts of video games. There is just something awesome about falling lumbering beasts after hours of struggling to make it to them in the first place. And often, based on size and might alone, your chances of survival always seem slim. But there are some […]


Best Tolkien Quotes to Live By

Today is Tolkien Reading Day, and as promised, we’re sharing quotes from the author and his work. Being the prolific writer that he was, Tolkien wrote so many “quotable quotes”, so we tracked down some of the best and most inspiring ones. Life lessons from Tolkien, I guess you can say that, via quotes. Some […]