superman quotes

Fandom Friday: Inspiring Superman Quotes

Superman has been on the receiving end of a lot of jokes, especially from Batman fans. Case in point. Just like I mentioned in the post about Captain America, perhaps it’s because Clark Kent/Superman is boringly good. Although there are storylines where he is an a$$, Superman is all about doing the right thing. So […]

weird nudity in gaming

6 Examples of Weird Nudity in Gaming

I truly respect the fact that gaming wants to be the next level in narrative and story telling. I understand they want to be seen and respected as an adult medium. That’s fine, and there are a great many games that stand as a testimony to this. The only problem is, on the other side, […]


3D Printing: It’s Not All Just Fun and Games

3D printing’s popularity is on the rise, and there is good reason for this. What can be done and achieved with 3D printing is all but unheard of up until this point in society. But most of us have focused on the fairly shallow aspects of it. Look, it can build Batman armor that looks picture […]